Shareholders & Stakeholders

Protecting the rights of stakeholders and shareholders

The company is responsible for balancing the interests of stakeholders with their own interests, whether they are internal stakeholders such as shareholders or external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers. The company's policy guide aims to serve as operational guidance for the management and employees of the company to deal with stakeholders and shareholders.


Cap Corp's Board of Directors and Executive Management seek to assist the shareholders in exercising their fundamental rights with a fair amount of equity that guarantees equal treatment for all, not to mention protecting their rights and capital shares against any misuse by the directors, board members or senior shareholders. Cap Corp's management seeks to enhance competitiveness and maximize growth, where the Company’s Articles of Association and by-laws include the procedures and controls necessary to ensure all shareholders' ability to exercise their rights, thus achieving justice and equality, as follows:

  • Possibility to dispose of the shares by transfer and/or assignment.
  • Ensure that each shareholder receives dividends as appropriate & their share of the Company's assets in case of liquidation.
  • Facilitate the process of obtaining data and information about Cap Corp's activities and operational and investment strategy, regularly and easily.
  • Participate in the meetings of the General Assembly of shareholders and vote on the deliberated resolutions.
  • Election of the members of the BODs & monitor the Company's general performance.


Cap Corp developed a policy in order to recognize and protect the rights of its current stakeholders. This policy is designed to ensure respect and protection of the rights of stakeholders in accordance with the laws and instructions issued by the relevant regulatory authorities. The aim of this Policy is to ensure that the rights of stakeholders, as set out in relevant laws and regulations, are respected, and protected by the company.

Cap Corp also protects the rights of all stakeholders and provides stability and sustainability through such policies, and guidelines. We believe that caring for stakeholders in our decision-making process will enable us to find better solutions, adopt better performance and achieve greater success. Shareholders, customers, traders, suppliers, partners, employees, local authorities, the surrounding community, and the media are Cap Corp’s key stakeholders.

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