Cap Corp Investment Company was established as a Kuwaiti (closed) joint-stock company in May 2008, with a capital of KWD 20 million as an independent, knowledge-based and result-oriented and Shariah complaint investment company, operating investment partner, and wealth manager. It also continues to attract new and diversified transactions in the market and to increase the volume of assets under management, while striving to mitigate the consequences of the ongoing challenges resulting from market fluctuations, and to maintain its long-term commitment to its shareholders and clients to achieve the best results with complete transparency in accordance with conservative risk standards.

Over more than 14 years of its existence, Cap Corp laid down traditions and methodologies that left a unique mark on its customer’s base. Cap Corp established a track record of success over the past years, prevailing over a lot of crises and difficult circumstances experienced by the economy, drawing on the solid foundations it established, which gave it flexibility in the face of crises and enabled it to overcome them.

To date Cap Corp’s achievements ranged from conducting private placement services, including targeted Islamic investment activities and products, ranging from asset management, financial markets, and private equity up until reaching real estate development and advisory services.

The Company’s purposes and objectives were reflected in the ability to expand its business scope to include the Middle East, North America, and Europe region. This feature gave Cap Corp an exceptional competitive trait that provided investors with real opportunities to diversify their investment sectors geographically.

Today, Cap Corp is a leading asset management and provider of investment services with total assets under management exceeding $150 million. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our stakeholders, the companies we invest in, the companies we advise through the knowledge, commitment and dedication of our Company’s team members who follow an integrated approach which fuses the market realities with proven and state-of-the-art strategies, leading to optimum performance.

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